It’s exam time

I thought I would share with you the note I gave my students who are retaking their GCSE Maths and English exams at the moment. Even though I teach Photography there are a number of students in my tutor group who are having to retake as they did not get a C, which is a requirement.

To my lovely students,

You have worked so hard preparing for your math and English GCSE exams and I am so proud of you. I know that you don’t like taking exams (who does?), but even though these are important and you are doing them again – remember that exams don’t define you. It is who you are inside that is the most important thing. Yes I want you all to pass, but what I want more than anything is for you to do the very best you can. As long as you do that it is all anyone can ask of you. Believe it or not, the world will not spinning if you don’t pass, nor will I think any less of you: because we just pick up the books again and keep going.

Try not to worry, it’s easier said than done: but I still remember what it was like walking into the exam room – I survived and so will you.

PS I have cake to celebrate when you’ve finished.


Happy Long Weekend! 

I’ve been back at work a week and ur already feels like much longer than that. It’s a strange feeling, but the benefit of a late Easter means it is now the May Day bank holiday weekend and an extra day off work. Even if the sun doesn’t sun it will be a wonderful weekend because I will ensure it is. 

I have some masters work to do and I intend on spending as much time outside as possible. 

Enjoy your three day weekend! 

Snooze button, not today! 

Pressing the snooze button this morning was so very tempting, but I was a very good Devon Sweet Pea and got straight out of bed.
I decided that this was going to be an excellent day, and although there were several serious student welfare issues I would overall rate it as a good day! Success, especially how I felt at the end of last term and last night when I was thinking of an illness I might catch overnight meaning I could not go to work. I did feel a little foolish, but when I was talking to other lectures this morning, they were doing exactly the same thing! 

It just proves we are all in the same boat and we must help and support each other. 

Tomorrow I am at university being a student and I will be in the letterpress workshop. I am very excited! 
Hope you’ve all had a lovely day, will post some pictures of my work tomorrow.

Last day of the holidays 

The nerves are starting to kick in, tomorrow I return to work after two weeks off for the Easter holidays. I have to be honest that it has not been long enough, the first week I was so exhausted I couldn’t wind down, the second has been full of tiredness and anxiety about being tired! 

It’s quite a conundrum. I have been very good during this holiday. I brought home no marking and have done no planning in preparation for the coming half term. Normally a good chunk on my personal time is spent on administration that I don’t have time to do when I am at work… Where I’m suppose to do it. 

This holiday, partly because I was so tired, I said no. I left work with the notion that this would be my holiday. That I would not spend time doing what I am not given enough time at work to do. I felt guilty, but then I started breaking things down into how much time it would take to complete. The answer was shocking – so again no, it was staying firmly on my desk. 

So on my last evening of the Easter holidays, I am going to go for a quiet walk and snuggle down on the sofa and watch a movie in the knowledge that although I love my job – it’s 5 weeks until half term!