Last day of the holidays 

The nerves are starting to kick in, tomorrow I return to work after two weeks off for the Easter holidays. I have to be honest that it has not been long enough, the first week I was so exhausted I couldn’t wind down, the second has been full of tiredness and anxiety about being tired! 

It’s quite a conundrum. I have been very good during this holiday. I brought home no marking and have done no planning in preparation for the coming half term. Normally a good chunk on my personal time is spent on administration that I don’t have time to do when I am at work… Where I’m suppose to do it. 

This holiday, partly because I was so tired, I said no. I left work with the notion that this would be my holiday. That I would not spend time doing what I am not given enough time at work to do. I felt guilty, but then I started breaking things down into how much time it would take to complete. The answer was shocking – so again no, it was staying firmly on my desk. 

So on my last evening of the Easter holidays, I am going to go for a quiet walk and snuggle down on the sofa and watch a movie in the knowledge that although I love my job – it’s 5 weeks until half term! 


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