The Lure of the Water

Water has two effects…one it is calming the other is terror. For a lot of people in the world at the moment it is causing a lot of pain and fear. People trying to escape oppressive regimes in boats that are either overcrowded or not seaworthy. For other there is a fear of tropical storms which raise towns and villages to the ground causing death and destruction.

I am fortunate, I do not live in an area where I need to escape with my family to be able to live safely, nor do I live with the fear of tropical storms or hurricanes. I grew up by the sea and currently live by the sea. I have never been far from water in my life…either rivers or lakes. I like to holiday where there is water and be able to walk by the river if I am in a city.

Even though I have a romantic view of water: with a feeling of calm and serenity, I am fully aware of the power and strength of the water. That if you do not respect the water it will find a way bring that reality to bear.

I love the water, I have decided to base part of my MA project around the water. Being by the sea gives me an opportunity for reflection that is not always possible anywhere else. The draw of the horizon line, wondering what is out there and if I could get there what would I find? The idea of searching for something greater than myself, in whatever form that is, is something that I want to explore by walking part of the South West Coast Path.


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