My Masters…

I am just about to start the final year of my Masters degree in Photography. I am full of excitement and trepidation as I love the research and the photographing – but what I don’t particularly enjoy are the sessions where we are with our tutors and the rest of the group.

There are times last year where I got nothing out of some of the sessions…believe me I tried, but when all day (and I mean all day) is spent listening intently to everyone else project, and then realising you are last and most people (we are a group of 10) have had to leave early is not good practice. Also the clock is ticking as the remaining students and tutors want to get a certain train home and it turns out you get less than 10 minutes to talk about your work (when others have had an awful lot more time than that). It’s not fun and when I was struggling with a mind-block on my work it made it even more unhelpful.

I am incredibly lucky to be doing an MA, my mother never had the opportunity and my grandmother (aged 99) didn’t have the chance to even contemplate going to university. So in a way I should not be complaining, but these situations are not how I learn. It is that simple. My time is limited and I need every moment available to work on my project and talk to people about my work. Not sit in a room and watch the clock. It is difficult to gain ideas from other peoples work because all our projects and ideas are so very, very different.

So, I will be going in with a different, more upfront attitude. I need to get things out of the sessions and I intend to. This is the final module and I want to have the advice and help I need.


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